Do it yourself!

(Click for more) How to make an Aloe Vera Gel, which will hydrate your whole body, treat sunburns, wounds and infections. Very easy and fast to make, one leaf will provide you with weeks supply.

(Click for more) Do you want to know how easy it is to grow an Aloe Vera plant so you can make the DIY Aloe Vera Gel


An Aloe Vera plant is a must-have for every DIYer!

(Click for more) Avocado is a great fruit with lots of Vitamin E and other oils that will boost the hydration of your face and give it a healthy look.

(Click for more) Learn how to make this very easy and quick soap, really good for dry and sensitive skin! If you regular handsome irritates or dries your hands, try this one! Use it along with the Vitamin C Serum to get all the benefits!